Saturday, August 12



Its been ages i left my blog deserted. I did not realise how time pass through as lightning. Left my blog unattended due to busy schedule plus i rarely have the chance to use the laptop. I'm with my phone all. da. time. Why don't i just blog by it? cause gurl you don't get the feel typing in those rectangle screen.

How am i?
Well, hardly-breathing.
Here it goes.

After i completed from foundation.. the journey to your future has begun! Choosing the next step was by far the hardest part.
I had my doubts. Dentistry? Medicine? Pharmacist? Engineering?

Back then i was so into being a pharmacist as it was my father's dream for my sister to pursue but she couldn't due to some reason. I thought hey maybe if i could fulfill it but yknow what? I can't. I do not have any passion for chemistry. Its not ma thang. Umm pharmacist?.. No, thank you.

I was interested in dentistry so i did some research and found a few local universities which i can enroll in. The first was in Kedah. I tried my best to get in line but unfortunately they only took 10-20% students from other universities and priorities more on their students (ofcourse) Their fees i tell you very reasonable! well compared to others. My effort did not end there as i did call other universities too but most of them were fully booked or in their waiting list which you need to go through interviews and such. Moreover, the competition was real. I was devastated knowing i won't have the chance.

Thinking...... let it go.
Out from the list.

When my dream was crashed, i talked myself out to try for engineering. Why all of a sudden? maybe because my siblings are all engineers, even my in-laws. I consulted with them and applied. Achieved 2 offers. Even then, i was in doubt again.

Referring to my previous post, i sat for my chemistry paper again.
After i received my result, the university offered me a place for Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery.
I never thought of it at first because the only thing in my mind was to escape from that place and the need to start fresh in a new environment.

Somehow.. a glimpse in me.. agreed to it.

Here i am now, just ended my Professional Exam Year 1.

Always in my du'a that we pass to Year 2 with flying colours together. I would like to thank my friends who helped me in studies, without y'all i'll be clueless. Cheers to study group!

You'll never know how your future holds. The ups and downs that you need to face before deciding or in progress. There's always a reason why things did not go as planned.

Salam Satu Malaysia.