Tuesday, April 12


Exam result have been released a few weeks back and i'm at a disadvantage situation where i need to re-sit one core subject since i did not meet their (or any universities) requirement, devastated since i knew day 1. I did not exactly fail the subject but only unlucky enough to achieve its target as i managed to get a B- for Chemistry while they at least need a solid B to pursue in medical courses (even from other uni). Everyone put on their pity face as i mention i only need a few points, really tiny few (0.17 actually) and i'm more glad to cheer my own self by talking something else. As you know i did sign up for college earlier than everyone else so they were a bit confused why i've been so relaxing all awhile but thats all up to me right?! to be relax or in a hectic situation!! stahp.
I recently fired up the engine (my brain)(my energy) to class in duration of 3 months for just only one subject.
Doesn't that sounds.. you know.. petty..
To me.. Its a yes.

Nasib tidak menyebelahi ku

Its okay though. Now i realised where i'm weak (not entirely) at and choose wisely of courses i would like to further for degree. So this means that all the relatable to Chemistry subject, i clearly need to avoid at every circumstances since i'm not confident enough in maintaining its pointer through out the semesters. For instance; Bachelor in Pharmacy which needs a B+ at least for Chemistry as it is pure based on the subject. I've seen the overall list of subjects and i was well stressed out seeing as i laid my eyes reading also engulfing word by word. Oh boy.  I hated my counselor from that day onwards as if he was throwing a grenade at me!
Every semester.. Have at least 2 or more if i'm not mistaken of Chemistry which they branched out their generations of it! Organic chemistry, physical chemistry and the list goes on at the duration of 4-5 years. I don't have the guts to take up my father's challenge of me being a pharmacist. Me?! Chemistry?! We really don't have the interrelated in any type of bonds also not a single force i would indulge in such trouble to study on what i least preferable.
What more i can do other than fixing up on what needs to be fix, for future sake. Gosh.
Lesson learned.

= I deactivated my Instagram recently and its been 2 weeks 2 days.. I survived! #achievementunlocked

Salam Satu Malaysia.