Tuesday, February 23

I'm proudly to say that i've finished phase 1!
College was well um tiring. A year passed and my misery finally had come to an end. I did moderate on my third semester and not as well as the first followed by the second semester because dear let me tell you, i couldn't pull up the shit(s) together with all the core subjects which supposed to be under the same genre; Biology but broken up into two parts: Anatomy and Physiology & Basic Genetics. Not to mention their super side-kicks Chemistry II and Mathematics II (more towards calculus), can you imagine having to cope all these nuisance in just 2 months top with additional piles of assignments, presentations and exhibitions. I'm a bit in dazed how time flies so fast and could manage through each of its own tasks. Do remember, during college teamwork is #1. If you're likely stuck in the middle of an assignment seek for help with your team members or your so called 'troop' because they are the ones probably going to keep you survive. Lecturers will only help a little but most of it you. are. on. your. own. Copy paste is cliche among us (all) but i did try avoiding and do it instead cause sometimes i just questioned myself; where's the originality in you? (with the help of Google and Wikipedia, May Allah bless you for such invention!) There's always this one group does everything to the very last minute (which includes me) but in a good way as in we did our parts together not rather the ones who asked for others' paper work complete with results also explanation then been pleading to e-mail them everything and pressed print! Express lu, banyak cantik. So annoying. Its only foundation, wait for degree.. For more troubles to come!