Monday, August 31

People always say time heals, it does.
Time will eventually replace all those memories that you thought you might forgive but not forget.
What much you can do besides moving on and never look back.
I've been waiting for those phases to come to an end and i'm grateful its long gone.
I became more independent and self repent based on experience that i've been through.
Its hard work, mentally not physically but overall effects more or less which i'm not stressing on to that point.
Everyone has their own life to run, one does not simply hang on and depend someone else just because you promised when you were in middle school to always go wherever you go and stick around. Grow up cause reality going to hit you hard, sweetie.
Basically i learned a lot, such stories from each person i converse and got myself into people's life really helped me to discover also be more exposed to the outside world.
Life isn't that colourful as it seems when you were little but its a definite it can turn out to be one as you go with the flow and you cherish every moment of it.
Not to boast and who i am to do so about all this that i said but it will hit you in the head as you sit down and think back through.
All of this happened due to reunion of my past high school friends and enjoyed the weekend with them then finally you're fucked up when they had to go back, continue their daily routine they need to cope. Wow, the impact gave me the sting; a really good one tho.
Now i have to chin up and go on as it is.

Salam Satu Malaysia.