Friday, April 3


Hello there!
Its been awhile isn't it from the previous post, about three months ago i guess? Truly sorry i left this blog unattended, I do not have the intention to write anything in the near future but then i feel the guilt around me for not posting anything. 
Few weeks ago i resigned from my full time job at Twenty&Co. I have to admit it, work is tough. I only work to fill in my spare time while waiting for my result, it was insanely tiring. Soo a lot of things happened also changes are not exceptional from it and as i'm learning to adapt to a whole new world of mine, i finally got the chance to see from outside of the box. I could really feel the peer pressure from the permanent workers there as they are juggling through all kind of errors managing the coffee shop. Glad to be part of the team and help a little to at least lessen their burden. Communication between staff sure is important when you're in F&B field cause if you might think when you are doing it right.. most probably its going to end up terrible. Not to give a scare in this job but its an experience from what i learned. Long hours in our kind of climate, bloody sweaty. Thank goodness the shop is 3/4 air condition and i usually work evolving inside and out. The staffs there.. My god, they are crazy. Totally crazy as hell. I won't be calling them staffs cause all of them are my friends most of them are my partner in crime and caught up a lot of hilarious jokes i ever heard. Could not survive this journey without Aina and Hilman since the first day I stepped my foot there, thank you guys so much for all the time we spent everyday together also thank you to the others too! I shall cherish all the moments and will miss every single of it! It was not hard to fit in with them and the environment cause most of all the surrounding is very welcoming moreover they are super duper friendly and easy to get along with! I have to say it was hard to leave and say my goodbyes... Cause i know I won't turn back time and experience all of that over again. This happens as i'm pursuing my studies in foundation medical science at MSU therefore my parents didn't let me continue or even work as a part time cause i need all the focus on the important ones. Sucks right, i gotta start early. I'm taking their Mac intake program and currently day 5 , learning cycle mode on while others still enjoying their freedom till June. How is it not fair for me??? 
Why am i saying that? Cause i like to share a bit of my story. Its based from where i work actually. If you tend to deal with customers, you usually set up in your mind to put up a smile and always be nice whatever the situation will be right? Its common sense, even you are not working as a waitress but as a human being you have to bear that in mind too. I got into multiple misunderstanding with the customers and i find them very rude also labeling themselves 'customer is always right' but for me that term is bullshit. Some certain problems can be solve but some are just the pain in the ass. I gained a lot of patience and deal to the least annoying ones till the 'ms/mr know it all' perfect whatever it is. Since the day i started working, i finally realized that i need to be more understanding when it comes to busy restaurants cause oh my i do know how the pressure feels like and the tantrum from customers will not make any difference cause its gonna end up a mess. Pressure is good but.. It has to be at the right moment. Overall from this situation, my message is to be more nicer and considerate. When you think your food is taking too long then ask the waiter/waitresses nicely and ask the reasons, it wouldn't hurt or sinful to be nice instead of talking sarcastically add on with a bit anger. It wont solve anything, even the waiter/waitresses have feelings. I'm in dismay of our society that doesn't work how it's supposed to, fcked up they all say. 
I went to a small shop selling ABC, bought it in a big quantity to fill in my lust of craving for something cold then i placed my orders. So here it begins, after placing my orders it took 3 seconds for me to say i want it all to take it away cause i was distract by the next stall's food. I clearly saw a nod signing an okay that she heard it. Halfway through i was suspicious on the presentation and i voice out again saying 'bungkus' and she got mad (?????????) 'Kenapa u takmau ckp awalawal ma' I was puzzled and explained when I mentioned the word take out but yet she stills argue with me. Shocking and its a both miscommunication way. I have to admit it, i started cursing her while she was packaging the cups cause i really did not know what her problem was then i realized maybe she didn't start her day well or its just her that she drained quiet a great amount of energy that day. I lowered down my ego, clear my throat out and said sorry to her also gave the most sincere smile i could. The best part was, she looked at me weirdly and sat down (((FLIPS TABLE))) (((I'M OUT FROM HERE))) That lady really ignores the term 'customer is always right' and i like that about her. 
Lets jump into a conclusion! ;
Be nice, that is all i have to say.
Be strong, be patience, be considerate, be positive cause you might not know whats coming. 

Salam Satu Malaysia.