Wednesday, December 24

Wor ki ng

I finally found the 'perfect' plus beneficial in terms of filling my time. I'm a part time barista & waitress at Twenty & Co, just right behind Maybank. Do drop by and have a scrumptious meal, would be delight to take your order also don't be shy to say hello! (If you see me there tho) ((or no one knows me)) (?) Counting down the days till our dooms day, keputusan spm. Just by saying it, really gives me the chills. Mind could not stay still forever causing commotion due to over-thinking, if i over think too much at home won't let me change anything and rewind back erasing all the mistakes, its official. At least by working might get rid of all the nervous wreck inside me. Its all good, the staff there are hilarious also feeling blessed that the managers are extra-friendly and could be best buds! Well they put up a fence between work and leisure time which i respect, its normal tho. Shall i say its already been three weeks now as an employee? Yup. I still do not believe i could stay that long and finally picking up the shattered pieces as opening myself up to the community. I feel more confident in talking to strangers and open to someone who actually care about you and meet different characters at the same time different ways on approaching them. I wonder to myself how shallow i was and why i was hiding in a cave all this while being anti social when i can strive out from my cocoon however i can know the world better. I could not be any better now as i'm not afraid speaking my opinion and actually found my other personalities which i'm not oblivious i have it. Quiet shocking. One good news for me. Experience in any situation made me more knowledgeable about how this life system goes and i'm glad i'm apart of it. Go and meet someone new, it might help on reducing the bore you have inside and turn it something precious to atleast own it for your self or consider as achievement unlocked? 

Salam Satu Malaysia