Sunday, November 30


I am terribly lifeless and left redundantly alone moreover its absurd of me not to think of anything productive rather than watching korean reality shows. They have better life than mine which i seem to be busybody hearing their success from zero to heroically rich now. What am i supposed to do, i cant let myself be this way any further as i am only a peer who wants to turn herself to be more use to others by her own hospitality and make a benefit out of it. I may seem a bit unsure of myself in what will my future be, i'll have faith in Him to any of my doings and any of my decision will be blessed. For so many reason i'm oblivious my duty  as a human being is not accomplish. I have a lot in my '50 things to-do before i die' list, piling up and left undone. None of them i put in any effort to make it a start. All i'm doing right now, laze around and let all the boredom sort of cycle of life strike me to not further any of them as i have no income to give it a start as i am only a high school student. 'Everything is money now'. I don't know how to say this but nowadays people usually use the term of 'Money is God' and i object furiously. Does smiling need the use of money? 
Pardon my ridicule act. 
I am aware how this society system works and i shall not further myself to get involve in such things. 
What do i need to do now? My papers are done and i already took a week off for myself to at least enjoy all the sweet moments for instance; watching korean dramas till late, waking up at 10 in the morning, read a book that i intend to start back after i've settled down, bake my favourite dessert with mum and spring cleaning cs my room was a total mess, books around the floor; i could barely walk! Now i can breathe and walk in ease around my room, maybe a make over would be an absolute yes also some changes can totally turn the environment of the room upside down!  
You might be suggesting me to work as a part-timer right? Well i've been looking around and found the perfect place to earn. Its in Subang and i'm not sure YET that i will succeed in getting the job but i shall look around for more opportunity. Parents gave me a green light since i explained to them in details about my plans with my friends. I don't want any trouble and burden on them to you know give out some cash for me. Its me who wants all the fun and they are the ones who have to pay the price. Seems to me that i'm gonna be a bit spoil brat in any days so no! Lets hunt money from now on pals! I'll treasure the money i earn and planning on giving gifts for my parents also a treat from me at a fine restaurant. Wow... Dreaming big am i right now... Well it doesn't hurt to even dream right? Lets make it true then. 
I finished my biology paper on Tuesday and head straight to the cinema on the next day. Doesnt that seems exciting to you and you know going out without feeling guilty that you haven't study for a day and there's a lot of chapters you need to cover.. Yeah all of that, finally comes to an end.
Its only SPM but the feeling could not be expressed in such words. 
Watched Big Hero 6 with le girls after a tough decision made by us whether to watch Mockingjay or Big Hero 6... Em what a commotion in front of the counter boy, puzzled by looking at us and our ' i tk kisah la tgk cerita apa' 'apaapa je' 'tak kisah ikut korang!' Hahaha it made me laugh when i thought of it! Well, girls will always be girls.
We went for our late lunch and bubble making (big ones) by the field near setia city mall. ONE THING; the highlight of this entry is Do Not Go There After The Rain, tremendously a big mistake. A no no, take note girls. Bring along a slipper or your sandals will be in big trouble! I've been there, trust me. 

Counting my blessing when i'm surrounded with happy pils, i'm blessed.

I went for a 6 hours driving class. Not to mention the book they gave.. I'm shocked by it. A new module also system and big ones i outta tell ya. Can't this year be any unluckier Hoping for the best on the computer test which i'll be sitting on Friday. I need to get this done asap cause this is one of my reason that i can't work on December. Keep on delaying plans due to insufficient cash. A tip towards the upcoming spm victims next year; like seriously you need to save up for later or you'll regret and feeling dismay (like me) (heh sigh)
Going through spectrum of hardship day by day and wishing for my dear self to be strong. Let me be the gleam of my life like a shiny diamond. 

Salam Satu Malaysia.