Tuesday, October 14

Frankly Speaking

I hate to think of the day 
that gives me pain at night
that used to rain at night.
But I still recall the Sun 

Currently i'm cleaning up the mess i made in my blog. Clicking back my older post.. oh gosh. Speechless and taken back a bit by my childish unprofessional behaviour i got there before. Well now i just need to accept the fact who i was then. I know i'm deleting all the memories but part of it is not there in the presence and things change how it used to. Its better be over it then holding to something that wont last forever tho. I find that i swear a lot, ey. As you all know i do have a bit of boy-ish hormones in me when you really observe me on how i react and etc but don't worry i'm not fully covered with testosterone hormones.. (?) I'm surprised on the amount of post i deleted which i sense that i have to do it someday or one day and the day is today, yeay. Its a bad time deleting it as of all the days why today and its a few blocks away from SPM in less then 3 weeks, holy crap. Sigh from all this dramatic life i'm hanging on to but i do need to focus and i'm loosing it due to blogging right now!! (screw me) I shall carry on and assuming this will the last post at the moment until 25th of November ends, alright fellow earthlings?
I have a lot of things to share but too little time to spare even for a few minutes. Moreover i'm stress out with numbers and formulas not to mention theory's and facts, trying hard to remember till the deadline. Do pray for us, spm candidates the best on our examination.
A bit of teaser for my future post..
I went on a holiday to the UK during last mid-term break!
- ok zip it, its gonna be anytime soon i'll be posting photos to all the places i stopped by.

The best of luck to all victims.
Salam Satu Malaysia.