Thursday, July 24


Officially comforting myself by actually talking to 'me' in the middle of the night. i dm-ed my cousin after a long talk to 'self ' and saying am i really crazy or something? but when i took the time to think for a moment and hey why not take in as a great motivation to deary self. go ahead and try! it works on me. i literally said everything that's been kept inside in a normal tone just like how you regularly talk to someone and not to be too loud when it comes to the moment where you felt angry at your story, you might not want to wake up others! do not think that i'm such a lonely person and have no one to talk to till i have to do this kind of way to comfort myself but i think its normal to have some of the things to be kept to yourself right? its like taking care at yr piece of shit cause no one will clean it out for you (unless you're a cat, dog or maybe.. a unicorn) but after i did this session, truthfully i have the courage now. there's this thing or conflict been bugging me quiet a few times but now i feel i really need to talk to the particular person to just clear things out so it won't have any misunderstanding situations in the future. wouldn't the world be a better place if i just practice this kind of act?
I've been very nasty to people lately and exempted every simple act of kindness in me. i usually smile to strangers (including banglas) till my mum ask me to wipe the smile off for safety precautions (eg: kidnapping/raping) but i kind off break mum's law sometimes cause i feel good when i smile to everyone. Well come on its not a bad thing right.

Maybe my tips to release a bit in you might help? cheers to good life!