Monday, July 21


I welcome new people who would like to know me better or me knowing them but i'm not happy  when someone you thought they were special in my life suddenly tore apart in  a sudden and became someone they said they wouldn't be. Is it normal nowadays to have that kind of situation? I'm not complaining or grateful at the same time but more to average mixed up questions in my head. I would rather stay back and stay quiet. Isn't it the best solution? When you voice out, human will always be human they tend to understand at first then forget about it all. Not to mention rude but they are who they are. I'm not saying that i'm no more near to what i stated before yet i'm still aware about this if the things i hated people do to me i won't do that to them either, its fair and square right? or i'm twisting it all up.. I've lowered my ego (or i don't think i have one.. i think i do, yes i do.) to the fullest to at least try and suit in current/any situation but things won't budge. Its all the same. I said to myself, let it be. I've done my best to sum it all, just go with the flow?
I find myself hectic with my surrounding especially around low mentality community. Sucks and ridiculous. Despite having problems is a no biggie matter but some of them that don't have its solution is tiresome. Old sayings be like 'belum makan garam banyak lagi kamu' but i think i've been through a lot already for such a young age. Just to express (peace)