Saturday, November 30


All this while i've been complaining how my weight gained massively but i do have to take action out of it. Been working out for 3 whole day straight in a week lately but not that frequent... Well the product is not good enough, i think my expectations were too high. Mum told me it has to be a regular schedule then you can see some big changes. After all, my motivation was too low. I only did in a week and the next week.. keep on delaying till i don't have the courage to do it anymore. Waah my dream of being fit, everybody.
My my, i haven't enjoyed to the fullest my school years. Time ticks faster everyday and now i'm facing the biggest exam for teens in order to face another phase of life. Thought of improving myself physically and mentally. I need to be more matured and throw away all the childish attitude or be serious at times. I was well known as the joker or the whatever girl, yeah time changes us and it will change me also my inner personality too. College life ain't gonna be easy, people from all over the country attend and study in a big building where we have to thrive at the top to be the best.. Waah. I do say waah often lately.. Not meant to be a goodie goodie but this is how life is gonna be, deal with it.
Have you ever feel betrayed in any way? Cause i do. I did talk about life at my previous paragraph where i have to deal with it right? But this is only a purely emotional expression. In what way or how, have to be kept as a secret to myself in anyway you know how it feels? A lot of thoughts came into my mind whispering this and that and made myself sleepless at nights, when will this all fades and just let me have a chance to actually think of reality stuff not the ifs but all the facts please. I really need to run my future and present accordingly but yet let Him decide it all. Maybe i was over-thinking... great all my 'maybes' is coming bck. I was lecturing myself.. Hah, oky.
Yeah, how was it?? Mine went smoothly yet relaxing, totally enjoying it. Went back to my hometown in Penang, for 5 days straight my activity was eating. Penang is well-known for its food paradise, how can i resist such a glorious place where it can make me delighted in any kind of situation. Hawker food, nasi kandar, the best. Consider myself as a lucky girl with a happy full stomach. I love that kind of feeling, do visit Penang as your get-away since next year is our Visit-visit Malaysia! :-)
Alright, that is all from me. Have a great day ahead loves.
Salam Satu Malaysia.