Friday, March 22


Pretty face doesn’t bring you to be the queen of the world. Unfortunately some girls just took the wrong concept of it. Haven’t you realized everything is temporary and this body parts of ours are only borrowed? Allah can take it anytime and anyplace. Don’t be arrogant of what you have and what others don’t, try and appreciate to the Only One so that we’ll die with Iman. Some are proud what Allah has given but they didn’t take care of it as Allah stated in the Holy Quran. You are proud because guys like you for having a good body shape, a good asset and most of all a pretty face, why you take it as a compliment but the fact is guys always imagine you and him in the same bed. Is that a good first impression for you towards every guy that sees you? Not that I’m saying tht individual is a bad person but yeah lets rethink abt it. I’m in a process of changing into a better person and this is only a friendly-remainder.
The feelings when you’re lying down with your love ones especially with your mum and talk with your dad at night are the best. They seem to have an aura where all the love came from. My daily routine at night, well it’s a must for me to accompany mum to sleep by lying beside her watching any movies or dramas even sharing our problems. And tht my friend, for some time I realized tht parents do make my night more lively, don’t you think so? Umm umm it brings sweetness to my life.
How are you guys doing lately, in a healthy condition or slightly feverish drama abt the holidays? Mine.. well good enough for me to fill up most of my empty time been planning a few outings with friends and hopefully everyone could make it. I really wanna enjoy it before mid-term test. The hectic life of a form 4 student will begin. I’ll start off with hard subject first then along with the others. Ugh how come time flies so fast ah? I can’t believe I’m actually 16 now and another 1 and a half year I’ll graduate from high school. Doesn’t tht sound so sad where I can’t meet up with my friends everyday, where I have to make a big decisions after then where I have to go to dorms in matrix or uni or colleague, oh my I’ll be home sick. y am I being so… Well lets just pray for the best and YOLO but yolo is a very strong word.. use it wisely then! Babysitting Sofia for the whole week since she’s on her holiday too. Kindergarten for her is so naaah, she received 8 stars from her teacher and mostly she’s the top in class. At first I didn’t believe her till I asked her mum but basically its true. Good for her tho, she resembles her dad’s pick up and her mum’s friendly personality. It feels like i wanna have a child of my own now and see them grow infront of my eyes, must be really wonderful. That is all from me.
Salam Satu Malaysia.